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Every day your company wrestles multiple priorities: grow sales and profitability, keep labour costs in check, stay one step ahead of the competition, keep up with increasing regulations, and get the right people in the right jobs.

With Pay Network, companies can gain the upper hand. Our integrated solution helps to maximize a company’s biggest investment – the one it makes in people – and minimize the associated risks and liabilities. And by streamlining everything from payroll to human resource administration and more, we give companies’ productivity a turbo boost.

Company’s biggest challenges remain:

Payroll and tax administration

Payroll processing is about much more than simply signing checks. Companies must also calculate withholdings, file and deposit payroll taxes, and make sure they stay in compliance with applicable regulations. This leads managers away from revenue-generating activities.
We give access to tools and experts to help our clients manage their payroll quickly and efficiently. We provide a complete automated payroll solution supported by industry-leading capabilities and services. We put a cutting edge electronic payroll data management tool at your fingertips, so that sending us your payroll data is fast, easy, and secure. Once we have the data, we take care of everything else from cutting checks to generating audit reports and filing taxes.

Bottom line: You need never pay your employees again – because we will!

Regulatory Compliance

Employment regulations have increased so dramatically over the years that the compliance burden has become overwhelming. Let down your guard – even inadvertently – and you risk your company’s financial health.
We take a proactive approach to compliance management that includes ongoing support and guidance from HR professionals, including several of the leading employment experts. Our goals are to minimize liability, to use our knowledge to reduce compliance costs, and perhaps most importantly, to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Bottom line: We’ve got you covered!

Advices on remuneration

Your employees want fair pay? Your employees want regular raises? You want to attract and retain talented employees in your organization? Your employees need clarity about their roles and responsibilities as well as what is expected from them?
Our Job Evaluation Package, performed effectively and used to clarify and revise job descriptions and position responsibilities, is your solution to all of these issues.

Bottom line: We can help you make your organization’s pay system equitable, understandable, legally defensible, approachable and externally competitive!

Human Resource Outsourcing

A relationship with Pay Network involves the sharing of employer responsibilities between our clients and us. This employment relationship is known as co-employment and is the business model through which we deliver our suite of services.
As worksite employers, our clients continue to manage employees in their day-to-day duties and activities. As a co-employer responsible for many human resource administrative functions, Pay Network delivers and manages employment contracts, employee benefits administration, manages automated payroll processing and payroll tax preparation and filing.
Do you find yourself working for your employees when you should be working with them? Being an employer usually means losing a portion of each day to routine HR administrative chores – and that is time you cannot get back. The Pay Network team of professional HR administrators makes it their job to make your job easier. Think of them as your own off-site HR department, which is there to assume everything, from processing new hires to handling sensitive disciplinary issues.

Bottom line: Make the best use of your day – every day!


As a trusted partner in the field of human resources outsourcing, Pay Network is an extension of your organization. We realize that our customers place great trust in us when they delegate the recruitment process of candidates to us. Consequently, we always implement proven selection processes to recruit the right skills.
We believe that motivated, knowledgeable, and positive employees are able to provide the best service to our clients, and we always make sure that our provided services are ranked at an excellence level.

Bottom line: Do not look for the right candidates, we are headhunting!

Health & medical care organization

Pay Network have a systematic approach to health, safety and security management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement. To this end, we manage these matters as «critical business activities», we set standards and targets for improvement, and we measure, appraise and report performance externally.
Pay Network offers top-of-the-line comprehensive benefits options that maximize value and choice for your employees. We partner with medical organizations in order to offer a wide-ranging menu of benefit options, including medical, dental, vision, and much more. With this, employees can select the benefits they need and are most suitable to them. To provide this level of quality and choice, and still keep costs under control, we use proven risk management techniques and economies of scale. We also manage employee enrolment and administer related paperwork.

Bottom line: You decide which benefits are right for your company and we handle the details!

Expatriates management

We manage real estate assets for rental in secure areas and we are able to find accommodation to suit your expatriate employees’ requirements in due time. We make sure to provide them with all legal permits and visas required for their working stays in DR Congo.

Bottom line: You decide which benefits are right for your company and we handle the details!

Cleaning and maintenance

Because hygiene and cleanliness are a priority, we offer professional cleaning and maintenance services while ensuring the safety of local and confidentiality of our clients’ data and businesses.

Bottom line: We provide a pleasant and healthy working environment to your staff and we contribute to your brand’s development

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